Tiare News – October 2013

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“Paumotu” Wilderness… Welcome to Rangiroa

Rangiroa, “Immense Sky” in Tahitian, is the largest atoll in French Polynesia and a picture perfect paradise. Tiny “motu” (islets) enclose the infinite lagoon, offering a myriad of iridescent blues and greens.

Two passes connect the lagoon to the ocean and represent the only two ways to enter the atoll by the sea. The main villages of Avatoru and Tiputa are ideally located next to each channel. Children actually get to go to school by boat!

Life on the atoll revolves around the lagoon and its offerings: fishing, pearl farming and scuba diving. Homes are tastefully decorated with colorful “tifaifai”, shells and corals. Fish parks provide food for the families. Children’s playmates are often small sharks, rays or turtles!

Rangiroa and the atolls of French Polynesia offer the perfect Robinson Crusoe getaway. They are ideal for travelers seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences and adventures!
Accommodations in the Tuamotu atolls are mostly family-owned pensions, allowing travelers to be a part of the real “paumotu” life.


Biking on completely flat roads – The Tuamotu atolls offer the perfect setting for biking!  Bike all the way to the Tiputa Pass to watch the dolphins play. Your resort or pension will tell you what the best time is to encounter them as it all depends on the tides and currents. On the way, stop for a quick dip in the natural pools on the reef side.

Drift snorkeling in the Tiputa Pass for those who are not afraid of deep waters – This is a must-do in Rangiroa! The boat will drop you off outside the channel and you will drift back in with the current. On the way, you may spot turtles, sharks, rays, and other large marine life. Thrilling! However not recommended for those who are not comfortable in deep waters. Remember, it is in the big blue!

Day tour to the Blue Lagoon – This stunning place is like a mini atoll within an atoll! Because of its privileged and protected location, it has become a shark nursery and a bird sanctuary where different bird species can be seen. A delicious picnic will be served on the beach. Pure and real Robinson Crusoe life!

Scuba diving – If you are one of those who prefer the underwater experience, don’t go any further, you have found your paradise! With large varieties of sharks and rays, tropical fish (large and small), turtles and dolphins, you will enjoy every minute spent in the silent world. Rangiroa is rated as one of the best dive spots in the world for large animal encounters!

Out of the Ordinary…

Did you know that Rangiroa is home to the only vineyard in the world set on a coral atoll, which produces the delicate and unique “Coral Wine”?
The Auroy family started the business many years ago. At the time, everyone thought it would be impossible! Producing wine on a coral base soil? Well yes, they made it! And you can now try white, red or rosé wine when visiting the islands. It also makes a great souvenir to bring to your wine collector friends!

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