Monoï Institute Launches New “Monoï Road Moorea”

The Monoï Institute brings together the leading experts involved in promoting botanical resources in the Islands of Tahiti and is happy to announce the launch of the “Stopover on the Monoï Road MOOREA” (Escale de La Route du Monoï MOOREA).

From traditions that stretch back thousands of years, Monoï de Tahiti®, the sacred oil of the Polynesians, is much more than a natural personal care product. Created by macerating fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in refined coconut oil, it is a precious concentrate of sensuality and authenticity.

As of June 3, 2013 the “Stopover on the Monoï Road MOOREA” offers travelers the opportunity to discover the Monoï in all its aspects. Travelers can map out their own trip, and can combine and select stops to their liking.

The following options are available:

  • Create your own stopovers wherever you may be, whether you’ve just a few minutes or few hours to spend, there’s a choice of four stopovers
  • Ask a tourism professional to suggest where to go and organize your transport: before leaving home, or when you arrive in French Polynesia, you can ask your travel agent to suggest some stopovers they think you might like and more.

For more information, visit their official website:

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