New Global Brand for Tahiti Tourisme Worldwide

The New Global Brand Launch

June 18, 2014 marked the launch of the new global brand positioning and identity for the Islands of Tahiti.

A New Brand in the Making: 

In 2013, GIE Tahiti Tourisme, our head office, embarked on a comprehensive and strategic branding project to redefine and build a new positioning for the destination. The challenge was to tell a clear and compelling story of why travelers should visit French Polynesia with the knowledge of an increasingly competitive market, changes in consumer behavior redefining ‘luxury,’ and evolving traveler demands.

With the goal of creating a more contemporary understanding and desire for all that French Polynesia has to offer, the new brand was created to set the foundations for future marketing activities and build on the long-term strategies for the nation’s tourism and hospitality industry, and designed to meet the needs and expectations of the future traveler.

Creating a Compelling Story:

Through a partnership with FutureBrand, an internationally recognized brand consultancy, research was carried out to understand current and future travelers, what influences travel trends and insights to what travelers are looking for in a dream destination.

To explore and define these strategic and creative goals, a collaborative approach included input from multiple stakeholders within local industry, government, tourism experts and partners.  Key figures in local community, art, dance, crafts, history, products and music all worked together during this process contributing their knowledge and passion, all for the benefit of the destination.

Tahiti Tourisme’s international representatives were closely involved in the work, led by the head office team in Papeete, ensuring a global perspective and local relevance at every step.

It was defined that there were a number of undiscovered opportunities to attract new visitors by continuing to focus on cultivating perceptions of a premium, upmarket destination, but also to focus on more diverse experiences in French Polynesia – across the wide variety within its five archipelagos.

With these valuable insights and opinions forming the basis of the work, a strategic positioning was defined that captured the authentic aspects of the Islands of Tahiti. With the physical beauty of the destination being only a part of its story, it was clear that emphasizing the breadth of the experiences and the color and the vibrancy that the islands have to offer, presented an opportunity to appeal to travelers who seek unique experiences.

The defined target of the discerning explorer who wants to discover more than just the expected. They want genuine experiences where they can truly connect. The ambition of the new positioning was two-fold; continue to support current visitors who wish to discover a little more, while enticing new tourists who are ready to travel to experience something rare and exclusive.

The New Brand Mark:

Created by FutureBrand, the new brandmark was created from inspiration and timeless traditions and developed to work for both the destination and the corporate entity of Tahiti Tourisme.

The handcrafted letterforms contain an elegance and refinement with a sense of timeless simplicity and calm. Utilizing the distinctive and familiar shade of the tattoo and deep ocean midnight blue, the new brand mark symbolizes a powerful destination full of depth, and becomes almost mystical.

The symbolism behind the considered careful treatment of the “H” reflects “Hiti,” or ‘gateway’ and serves as a reveal for the islands of Polynesia forming the frontiers of the destination.

The Identity System:

Reflecting the timeless culture and way of life through the positioning and an elegant and premium approach to color, type and photography, the new identity encourages the travel industry and travelers to consider the beauty that lies beneath the surface of the picture-perfect postcard; the beauty and the powerful and profound impact the land and people can have on those who visit.

Building on the warmth and beauty found in the traditional craft of Tifaifai, the new brand visual identity system incorporates patterns and symbols from iconic plants and flowers found across the islands.

New approaches to photography supported by a broad, yet refined, color palette reflects the diversity of the islands and helps illustrate the strategic story.

Translated and adapted for the languages of all key markets, the overall new brand identity serves as a strong symbol of the destination, which stands out against competition.

The brand identity sets the scene for more in-depth storytelling and cultivates a curiosity to visit and experience the different islands on a journey of discovery, renewal and personal and sensorial rejuvenation. It showcases the destination and all its attributes in a new light.

Reflecting the beauty within these islands, the people and the way of life, this new approach evolves the best of the past and the present, and brings it into an exciting future.

GIE Tahiti Tourisme has recently posted a new clip that promotes the Islands of Tahiti. Our head office collaborated with Tagra Prod and FutureBrand to shoot this video in the five archipelagoes.

In this three-minute video, Tahiti Tourisme highlights the beautiful people, landscape, culture, generosity, harmony and elegance of the Islands of Tahiti.

The new global brand is being rolled out in full over the remainder of this year across website and collateral materials, as well as a refresh of the advertising and activations over the next 12 months.

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