May Visitor Arrivals

North Americans accounted for 44% of all Tahiti visitors for May 2014. Total North American arrivals for the month of May 2014 alone were 6,542, a 17% increase or 954 more visitors than May 2013.

Land arrivals excluding VFR (visiting friends and relatives) for the same month were 4,689 passengers total, a 7% increase or 294 more passengers as compared to May 2013.

Total North American “paid room nights” for May 2014 increased to 46,152, a 15% increase or 7,105 more “paid room nights” compared to May 2013. The total cruise arrivals were 1,565 passengers, a 71% increase or 650 more passengers.

Below is a chart highlighting “paid room nights” and “visitor arrivals” for the first five months of the years 2007 to 2014.

The United States delivered 26,936 visitors, while Canada delivered 5,425 visitors, and Mexico delivered 454 visitors, for a total of 32,815 visitors to date. The total “paid room nights” so far for 2014 has surpassed 2013 numbers with 172,286 “paid room nights”, an increase of 19% or an additional 27,580 “paid room nights.”

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