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Newly Appointed Director of Marketing

Kristin Carlson returns to Tahiti Tourisme North America to oversee marketing initiatives and engage in travel trade and industry outreach.  She will primarily focus on our annual brand advertising campaigns and partner co-op programs, as well as work closely with the Managing Director on strategy and annual marketing plans. While Kristin brings over 20 years of marketing experience in the travel industry, she spent the last 14 months in Northern California at Mering Carson, as global Brand Manager for the agency’s Visit California account with an emphasis on consumer promotions and brand advertising in China, Mexico, the UK and Australia.

In addition to her previous time at Tahiti Tourisme North America, Kristin’s myriad experience includes the position of Director of Strategic Partnerships at Signature Travel Network, and a 13-year tenure at Crystal Cruises in both Marketing and Hotel Operations for the luxury line.  She has also worked for Korean Air and The Fontayne Group.

She has a BA in International Studies and French from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) and a Masters in International Business from Pepperdine University (The George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management).

Please join us in welcoming Kristin back to the Tahiti Tourisme North America Team! To get in touch with her directly, you can reach her in our office or email her at:

Newly Appointed Trade & Promotions Coordinator

As Trade & Promotions Coordinator, Tekura Kelley will be overseeing the Tahiti Tiare Program®, the official destination specialist program for the Islands of Tahiti.  She will be Tahiti Tourisme North America’s primary liaison with Travel Advisors, and engage with the agent community through promotional events, tradeshows, familiarization trips, network/consortia events, and special events sponsored by Tahiti Tourisme North America, Partners and Travel Advisors.

Raised on the island of Moorea, Tekura is passionate about promoting tourism for her beloved home. Tekura graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in International Business, specialization in Spanish and a minor in French. She has worked for Loews hotels in San Diego and most recently in the San Diego office of Woodward Logistics, based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Tekura is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Please join us in welcoming Tekura to the Tahiti Tourisme North America Team! To get in touch with her directly, you can reach her in our office or email her at:


Online Media Coverage

January 2014

Where To Eat Now In French PolynesiaForbes Travel Guide
Whether you’re searching for that perfect spot to sit while watching the sunset or the best place for poisson cru (Tahiti’s signature cured fish dish), French Polynesia serves some deliciously exotic food experiences.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month: 96,537

Your Guide To French Polynesia’s Tuamotu Islands – Forbes Travel Guide
Tahiti? Been there. Bora Bora? Done that. Though it’s hard to tire of these well-loved South Pacific destinations, there’s more to French Polynesia than these oft-visited isles.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month: 96,537

Attitude and Adventure at Bora Bora KXT Ironmana SUP Magazine
Though the Bora Bora Liquid Festival has been going on for more than 12 years, this year marked the first involving international competitors. Several top U.S. athletes were invited, including Jay Wild, Morgan Hoesterey, Jenny Kalmbach, Riggs Napoleon and Brennan Rose.
Click here to view and read more.
February 2014

Motu Teta: Best All-Inclusive Resorts – Men’s Journal
Leave Bora Bora’s all-inclusive resorts to the honeymooners and escape to a villa on Motu Teta, a nine-acre private islet in Tahiti’s remote Tuamotu Archipelago.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month: 6,385,875

Romance awaits in French Polynesia – mySA
“Paradise is a lot closer than you think. Surprisingly, Tahiti is only an eight-hour nonstop flight from Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui,” says Michelle Newman.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month:

Amorous Escapes – Los Angeles Times
Experience sun-kissed South Seas bliss in a luxurious overwater bungalow on a secluded islet at Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa ( in French Polynesia.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month: 17,782,589

Sean Low and Catherine Giudici Exclusive Honeymoon Photos – Us Weekly
Check out these exclusive photos showing how the newlyweds spent their honeymoon on the romantic island of Bora Bora!
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month:

The best all-inclusive resorts in the world – Yahoo Travel
MOTU TEA • Leave Bora Bora’s all-inclusive resorts to the honeymooners and escape to a villa on Motu Teta, a nine-acre private islet in Tahiti’s remote Tuamotu Archipelago.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month: 217,002

Top 5 Romantic Tropical Cruises for 2014 – Fodor’s Travel
Couples planning honeymoons and special anniversary vacations almost always consider a trip to Tahiti and all of the Society Islands within the boundaries of French Polynesia. Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, Moorea, Raiatea, and Taha’a are just a handful of the gorgeous tropical islands located in the chain.
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Unique Visitors Per Month: 2,848,666
March 2014

Enchanting French Polynesia! 50+ Ways This Exotic Paradise Will Seduce You –
Searching for a sun-kissed paradise or just fantasizing about it? Pin French Polynesia, in the South Pacific Ocean, on your dream travel map. Fabled Bali Ha’i will get you high.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month: 386,457

Find paradise in French Polynesia – Fox News
The 118 islands of French Polynesia, which include Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, are the stuff dreams and bucket lists are made of. Treasured for its exclusivity and remote locale, French Polynesia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month: Can you send me the link? Not sure which Fox News

Fall in love with Tahiti along the Route de Monoï – New York Post
You haven’t truly seen color until you’ve been to French Polynesia. This chain of 118 islands is scattered from Manuae to Mangaravea, covers the size of Europe and is surrounded by the gin-clear, sapphire South Pacific and lush green flora.
Circulation: 500,521
Media Value: 50,429.75
Click here to view and read more.
May 2014

The World’s Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations – Brides Magazine
Number one is French Polynesia: Few places on the globe inspire more awe than this group of 118 islands, which include, most famously, the emerald-carpeted outposts of the islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora.
Click here to view and read more.
Unique Visitors Per Month: 5,621,184

November 2014

Condé Nast

Bora Bora: The Problem with Paradise

For me it was the colors of the place: My eyes feasted on them. To go from the monochromatic slush of an Idaho December to the emeralds, jades, and sapphires of French Polynesia was like falling overnight into a color-saturated dream. The viridescence of the palms, the sun-bleached teak of the walkways, the white sand that in places was as fine as cake flour—they were nutrients for the soul. The clouds kept up a blessed, ever-changing march; at dusk, golden and pink rays of sunlight shot through gaps in the shoulders of Otemanu and set its flanks on fire…

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Printed Media Coverage

Bridal Guide – January 2014

Expert traveler and managing editor at TravelAge West, Skye Mayring tells the story of her wedding and honeymoon on these idyllic islands.

In her article, Skye shares all the details of planning her legal wedding in the Islands of Tahiti, and share tips with her readers on how to do it.

“To legally wed in Tahiti, all documents, including birth certificates, intention of marriage and the application, must be translated into French and apostatized (authenticated) and sent to the islands,” says Mayring.

Circulation: 151,440
Media Value: 77,508.13
Readership: 530,040
Facebook Followers: 342,781


Islands Magazine – January 2014
“Out of Touch”

Writer and photographer Matthew Miller describes what it’s like to discover an island beyond Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora – the atoll of Rangiroa. “This looks about as away from it all as a resort can get,” says Miller. A beautiful image of Le Sauvage Kia Ora’s beach bungalows is featured in the two page spread with cover mention.

“Life Here: From Bow to Bow”
In this same issue, a two-page spread photo by Jack Hollingsworth captures the beauty of the Bora Bora lagoon, canoe and Tahitian people in shot from above. “I wouldn’t dare stand up in a canoe for this shot. Instead, I used an overwater hut to shoot down on this Four Seasons staffer.”

“In Bora Bora, a canoe carries more than just people,” says Hollingsworth.

Circulation: 200,276
Media Value: 178,453.25
Facebook Followers: 293,102
Unique Visitors Per Month: 332,213

Travel + Leisure Magazine – January 2014
“Dream Beaches”
Written by Shane Mitchell and edited by senior travel editor, Jacqui Gifford, The Brando is described as a resort for “Castaway seekers with a willingness to splurge.”
The piece notes, the 35-villa property will focus on conservation, with an EcoStation, sustainable energy systems, and an organic orchard.

Just 30 miles northeast of Tahiti, the atoll of Tetiaroa has 12 motus (islets) so gorgeous they were once a retreat for Polynesian royalty.

Circulation: 988,648
Media Value: 186,003.00
Readership: 3.4 Million
Unique Visitors Per Month: 11,074,080


Us Weekly Magazine – February 17, 2014
“Honeymoon in Paradise”
“The Bachelor” star, Sean Lowe married his fiancé Catherine Giudici on January 26, 2014 (which aired live on ABC) and then jetted to the Islands of Tahiti for their honeymoon.

Their Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora honeymoon which was featured in an exclusive five-page spread, cover photo and headline, showcased their romantic getaway.

“It’s like something you’d see in the movies,” commented Lowe about the Islands of Tahiti

Circulation: 1,959,784
Readership: 6.9 Million
Media Value: $1,014,872.63
Facebook Followers: 2,543,791

Islands Magazine – March 2014
“Finds on the Ground/ A Hammock in Tahiti”

Photographer Matthew Miller shares his excursion to Motu Mahana off Taha’a to find a beautiful and private island with a feast arranged by the Paul Gauguin crew and a hammock waiting just for him.

Circulation: 200,276
Media Value: 37,663.5


Departures Magazine – May/June 2014

“Brando’s Lost Island”

Thanks to the amazing PR efforts of The Brando, this article, written by Ned Zeman, tells the story behind the now famous atoll. “The Tetiaroa atoll first caught Marlon Brando’s eye when he was scouting locations for Mutiny on the Bounty. In 1966, Hollywood royalty purchased the atoll. Brando paid $270,000 for the whole place, which he viewed in spiritual terms. It would be, in addition to his second home, the place where his ashes would one day be scattered,” noted Zeman.“Tetiaroa was Marlon’s way to get away,” says Producer Mike Medavoy of Mutiny on the Bounty.Circulation: Circulation: 1,111,423
Readership: 3.9 Million
AVE: $591,060 USD
Islands Magazine – June 2014
“Life Here: Nemo’s Nightmare”
Shot by Pierre Lesage, this two-page photo spread captures and magic and beauty of boats and Maupiti islanders as they form a stone fishing circle in the lagoon holding a 1½-mile-long vegetal net. As they move, they toss stones held by strings into the water to herd the fish. This event is held once every 10 years with all 1,300 residents participating.Circulation: 233,764
Media Value: 67,256.25
Readership: 818,174
Readership: 717,461

Facebook Followers: 293,102
Unique Visitors Per Month: 332,213
TravelAge West Magazine
“Setting the Bar in Tahiti”
This article written by Kenneth Shapiro highlights the caliber of luxury vacation on the Islands of Tahiti while staying at the St. Regis Bora Bora.”Tahiti is a perennially popular destination for luxury travel, and at the top of the islands’ up-scale offerings is the St. Regis Bora Bora, which many consider to be one of the best resorts anywhere in the world.” – Kenneth ShapiroConsidered to be the most beautiful island in the world. With a lagoon resembling an artist’s palette of bright blues and greens, Bora Bora is love at first sight. Romantics from around the world have laid claim to this island where the castle-like Mount Otemanu pierces the sky.Circulation: 21, 847
Media Value: 32,162.25
BRIDES Magazine – June/July 2014
Best Honeymoons
We are proud to announce that the 118 islands and atolls that make up the Islands of Tahiti were named the top pick in the 2014 BRIDES Best Honeymoons.This year marks the first time the Islands of Tahiti, officially known as French Polynesia, has taken the number one spot in this yearly listing.BRIDES conducted a survey in conjunction with Virtuoso, a network of thousands of luxury travel agents, to determine the most romantic honeymoon escapes in the world for 2014. Published by Condé Nast, BRIDES is the country’s leading bridal brand and most trusted resource for brides.Circulation: 315,955
Media Value: 610,185.40

FASHION Magazine – Summer 2014
Surf & Turf / Into the Blue
This 11-page spread features summer’s newest fashion trends in Canada.

Shot at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, whether your summer includes far-off travel or finding a sandy patch closer to home, FASHION magazine says to shake things up with 3D florals and other fashion trends.

Writer Elio Iannacci says, “it may take three planes and a boat to get there from most places in Canada, but Bora Bora’s beauty is well worth the travel time.”

Circulation: 315,955
Media Value: 610,185.40

The Knot Magazine – Summer 2014
“Annual Guide To The Best 50 Honeymoon Spots”
This article in The Knot showcases the 50 best honeymoon spots. Bora Bora was ranked in the top 10 most romantic!”WHY GO this is what honeymoon dreams are made of: thatched-roof, over-water bungalows; crystal-clear turquoise lagoons; and swirling schools of colorful fish.”Circulation: 138,369
Media Value: 371, 991.55
The Knot Magazine – Summer 2014
“Real Honeymoons”
In this article, a couple describes their honeymoon experience from the islands of Tahiti, Taha’a and Bora Bora.”It felt like we were sleeping in the middle of the jungle but in ultimate comfort,” in reference to Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa.Taha’a, with the rich aroma of vanilla lingering heavily in the air, offers a glimpse of the traditional, tranquil life of the Tahitians. The flower-shaped island’s simple beauty is charmed by soft mountain shapes and surrounded by tiny motu with bright sand beaches. In the fertile valleys cutting within the island, local farmers grow watermelon, vanilla, and copra.Circulation: 138,369
Media Value: 93,387.00 

C-Suite Quarterly Magazine
“A Fine String of Pearls”

This article published by CSQ captures the beauty and romance of the Islands of Tahiti and how it ties into the corporate incentive destination.
“If there’s one word that encapsulates French Polynesia, it is “romance,” and in a context more encompassing than our everyday use of the word,” writer, Elyse Glickman stated.

“Few other places can blend world-class, full-amenity resort comfort, and memorable adventure activities that abound in the verdant, rough-hewn surroundings outside the property,” in reference to the island of Bora Bora.


BELLA Magazine – July/August 2014
Under The Tahitian Sun
Freelance photographer, Kelly Fajack, shot this beautiful 10-page spread on the atoll of Tikehau at the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort.

The photo shoot features the latest trends of bikini wear in this issue of BELLA Magazine, which is only sold in the tri-state area and at all New York City newsstands.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful atolls in Polynesia, Tikehau is a graceful oval crown of small islets with an interior lagoon 16-miles across and a pass for small boats through the coral reef – the perfect setting for a gorgeous photo shoot.

Circulation: 70,000
Media Value: 29,454.75


Islands Magazine – July/August 2014
Get Here: Goodbye Former Life
“Tahiti is beautiful, but a beach chair on my own private island defies all adjectives,” says John Whittle about Motu Mahana.Motu Mahana sits off the northern coast of the island of Taha’a and is usually the third destination of the seven-day Paul Gauguin Society Islands cruise.“I’m sitting in a living postcard. Would anyone notice if I just stayed?” says Whittle.Circulation: 200,276
Media Value: 37,663.5
Aisle to Isles
Modern Luxury Brides – Fall/Winter 2014
“Leave the blur of big-day events behind to relish in the relaxation and flat-out romance that only the South Pacific can deliver,” says writer travel journalist Patti Dickey.Dickey visited the Islands of Tahiti back in May on a SPM, Hotels, Resorts & Spa press trip, and had the chance to travel to the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, and Tikehau.“Honeymooners can expect beautifully furnished surrounds with an outside terrace that – no surprise at this point – offers direct lagoon access,” says Dickey.Circulation: 50,000
Media Value: 77,625.00

Tahiti Honeymoon
DNA Magazine – August Issue

The island of Bora Bora is featured on the cover of the August issue of DNA Magazine – a gay magazine featured not only in the U.S., but also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.

This 30-page spread was shot at the Four Seasons Bora Bora and the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, and features a story about legal gay weddings in French Polynesia.

“During our shoot in Bora Bora, we saw gay couples walking hand-in-hand and comfortably expressing affection,” says photographer, Lewis Payton.


Televised Media Coverage

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin – ABC
February 2014
The Islands of Tahiti were featured this past February in three, one-hour long episodes of “Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin,” which airs on ABC-TV affiliates across the U.S. on Saturday mornings.

The first episode, which aired on February 1, featured Jeff Corwin as he traveled to the Islands of Tahiti and worked with rescuers to save Tahiti’s sea turtles, explored coral reefs and swam with stingrays and sharks.

The second episode that aired February 8 featured the atoll of Rangiroa as Jeff searched for the elusive Lionfish.

The third Tahiti episode aired on February 22, 2014, Jeff explored one of the largest ocean sanctuaries on earth and came face-to-face with a family of humpback whales between the islands of Tahiti and Moorea.

Click here to watch the Tahiti episodes on “Ocean Mysteries.”

Network: ABC
Viewership: 1.6 million per episode

Giuliana & Bill – E!
May 2014

On May 27, 2014, the Islands of Tahiti and Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa were featured on the hit show “Giuliana & Bill” on the E! Network.

Giuliana and Bill surprised a few of their friends with a trip to the Islands of Tahiti and some “couples’ counseling” in addition to relaxation and exploration of paradise. A very big mauruuru roa to Air Tahiti Nui, Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa and Tahiti Tourisme that worked together to make this project happen.

Click here to watch the episode.

Network: E!
Viewership: 2.5 million

Extreme Weight Loss –
June 2014

Two episodes of ABC’s hit show Extreme Weight Loss were shot on the island of Moorea at the Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort. The first episode, which ran on June 3, followed the amazing journey and weight loss transformations of mother and son, Kathie and Josh. The episode covered their six-month weight loss check in and their experiences in the Islands of Tahiti.

The second episode, which aired on June 17, 2014, featured Jayce from Nashville and Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte.  Lochte helped Jayce overcome his fear of swimming in open water in the beautiful lagoon of Moorea.

Each two-hour episode documents the journey of transformation of an individual through significant weight loss over the course of one year with the goal of losing up to half their body weight. Host, Chris Powell and his wife Heidi push and inspire each participant to reach their goal weight.

A very big mauruuru roa to Air Tahiti Nui and Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort that worked very closely with the Tahiti Tourisme to make this project happen.

Network: ABC
Episode one: 3.7 million
Episode two: 3.3 million

Click on the following link to see highlights from episode one or episode two.

Rhythm Abroad – PBS
June 2014

From the producers of PBS’ Emmy-winning TravelScope, Rhythm Abroad brings dance, culture and music of the Islands of Tahiti into the homes of viewers. Host Brittany Pierce gets an inside view into typical Tahitian life as she moves her hips with the locals at a community fundraiser. Away from the drums, Brittany cools off as she takes to the crystal blue waters for an exciting day of swimming with stingrays and sharks.

Click here to watch the episode.

Click here to view photos from the shoot and the show.

Network: PBS

Globe Trekker – PBS
June 2014

Hosts Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro and Megan McCormick dust off their boots and hit the trail once more in Globe Trekker Around The World featured on PBS this past June.

Zay Harding goes on an epic adventure across the South Pacific islands in pursuit of the remaining vestiges of Polynesian culture. Along the way he tells the incredible story of the Mutiny on the Bounty, beguiles us with tales of Captain Cook and experiences the simple joys of tropical island life. Zay then sets forth to French Polynesia and its ‘Garden of Eden,’ Tahiti, where Otea dancing girls catch his eye and Matavai Bay sends him back in time to the late eighteenth century when Captain Cook was charting the transit of Venus and a seafaring crew collected breadfruit and Polynesian wives for their impending mutiny.

Zay volunteers himself for the Heiva Va’a canoe race, dines in a truck-filled car park called a roulotte and ferries himself to the island of Moorea for some snorkeling and a taste of the best vanilla in the world.

Click here to watch a preview of the show.

Network: PBS

Facing Waves/SUP – Universal Sport and Outside TV
July 2014

The islands of Tahiti and Moorea were recently featured in two episodes of Facing Waves. Facing Waves is an adventure travel TV series that showcases top paddling athletes and destinations from around the world. Each episode takes viewers on paddling adventures that are breathtaking and inspiring.

The show is broadcast through NBC’s Universal Sports, Outside Television, and syndicated internationally. The show is also translated into Spanish and broadcast in all Spanish-speaking countries in South America.

Click here to view the Opening Segment teaser

Moorea – mini segment on Paddle TV, click here to view.

Network: Outside TV and Universal Sports

Universal Sports is broadcast into 58 million TV households
Outside Television is broadcast to 8 million TV Households across the US