Bora Bora Underwater Wedding

“Bora Bora Underwater Wedding”, One of the Most Unique Wedding Ceremonies in the World, Launches in the Islands of Tahiti.
BORA BORA, Tahiti (October 21st, 2014) – Today marks the launch of the “Bora Bora Underwater Wedding” in French Polynesia, a unique wedding ceremony for couples around the world, to tie or re-tie the knot underwater in the turquoise lagoon of Bora Bora.

Intended for newlyweds on their honeymoon or couples seeking romance laced with a bit of adventure, all in a luxurious lagoon setting, the “Bora Bora Underwater Wedding” is a spectacular ceremony that takes place in a most unique setting: an underwater chapel created in the lagoon of Bora Bora.

This exclusive wedding ceremony or renewal of vows takes place 100% underwater, made possible by using underwater helmets. This allows the bride and groom, with their best man and maid of honor, to live this romantic moment while enjoying the beauty and awe of the underwater setting. No scuba instruction required.

In the lagoon, 12 feet in depth, a Polynesian “Chaplin” welcomes bride and groom into his undersea chapel called “Te-Ana-Ipo,” the cave of love in Tahitian. Dressed in white wetsuits, it is in th

is ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere that the wedding ceremony takes place. Like in all traditional weddings, this ceremony is conducted with solemnity and music; the traditional wedding vows, the symbolic exchange of rings and the signing of the marriage certificate. To capture these moments, a videographer accompanies the couple throughout their underwater ceremony.

TopDive Polynesia founder, Paul Ramos, innovative scuba diving visionary and developer of 13 dive centers in throughout the Islands of Tahiti, notes, “I imagined this underwater wedding ceremony as a real technical challenge for my team. A challenge they have risen to successfully in four months of preparation. The result is absolutely magical! ”

In his search for perfection, Ramos enlisted the talents of stylist, Gre´goire Le Bacon, an accomplished artist- photographer and designer. Le Bacon is the artistic talent behind the amazing underwater backdrop…simple, romantic and elegant. He relates that the project was for him a true performance, “I applied the rituals of a traditional wedding on land and endeavored to transpose them into an underwater context. What seemed possible on land did not necessarily apply underwater. ”

This new concept is aimed to appeal to all couples in search of the most unique wedding ceremony in the world and aims to showcase Bora Bora; the “Pearl of the Pacific” is the most romantic island on the planet.

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