SPM Hotels, Resorts & Spa New Updates

SPM Hotel, Resorts & Spa received the following awards from Conde Nast Traveler:

Reader’s Choice Award – Top 15 Resorts in Australia & the Pacific
#6- Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Reader’s Choice Award (online-) Best Resorts in the South Pacific region

#3- Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa
#6- Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort
#10- Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa

The Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa is currently refurbishing Mahana’I Main Restaurant (during this time, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be moved to the bar lounge and outside terrace). And December 1st through December 20th, 2014 the hotel will be undergoing refurbishment of the Autera’a Main Bar (during this time, the bar will be moved to the Matiehani Gourmet Restaurant and terrace).

Please note that the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa will continue to operate the resort as usual and limit any potential disruption by adjusting its work schedules (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm).The hotel will also make bus shuttles available three times a day, to either Tamea or Mareto beach so that guests can enjoy a beautiful white sand beach along a pristine lagoon for an exquisite swimming and snorkeling experience, all free of charge.

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