Ia ora na Partners,

Tahiti Tourisme North America is very pleased to share with you key highlights from our 2014 marketing initiatives. We saw some great results throughout the year and we thank all of our partners for their collaboration.  It is with your support that we continue to experience year-over-year growth in arrivals and paid room nights and we look to end 2014 with unprecedented double-digit growth.

We look forward to a successful 2015!

2014 Advertising Recap

Q1/Q2 2014 Campaign
Campaign dates: 1/15 – 5/2/14

After the Q4 2013 tactical co-op campaign with Air Tahiti Nui, the Q1/Q2 2014 campaign was a return to TTNA’s branding and awareness efforts.  Our primary objectives were to increase brand awareness by driving qualified traffic to the website as well as to educate these consumers to the point of conversion once they are on the website. Our strategy was to utilize top performers and placements from previous campaigns reaching the affluent and honeymoon audience where they spend time online. Additionally, we tested new and relevant media and placements in an effort to continue to learn our consumer’s behaviors and the marketplace. We continued to use our awareness creative with “Privacy. The ultimate luxury.” for this campaign.

The digital campaign placements ran across multiple partner sites and networks including AdRoll Retargeting (including Facebook ads), Google Retargeting, 24/7 Real Media, Travel + Leisure, Luxury Link, Trip Advisor, The Knot and Wedding Channel with 15 second pre-roll running with 24/7 Real Media and Google and paid search on both Google and Bing/Yahoo networks.

The campaign generated the following results:
Impressions:    32,065,253
Clicks:             61,602
Overall CTR:   0.19%
Leads:              3,223 conversions (includes trip planner requests, special offer requests, brochure requests, newsletter sign-ups and vacation and wedding guide downloads).

Additionally, campaign traffic was more engaged than overall site traffic with increased page views and site visit duration with a decreased bounce rate.

Q4 2014 Campaign
Campaign dates: 9/17 – 11/21/14 (US); 9/17 – 11/30/14 (Canada)

Our Q4 2014 campaign included a few exciting “firsts” for Tahiti Toursime North America. This was the first campaign to utilize the new global brand creative and our evolved privacy headline of “Privacy comes naturally.” Additionally, this was the first time we had run a digital campaign in Canada. Objectives and strategy mirror the Q1/Q2 2014 branding campaign.

In the US, the digital campaign placements ran across multiple partner sites and networks including AdRoll Retargeting (including Facebook ads),Google Retargeting, Sojern, National Geographic, WSJ.com, Luxury Link, Trip Advisor, and The Knot with :15 second pre-roll running with Sojern and WSJ.com and Google and paid search on both Google and Bing/Yahoo networks. The Canadian placements included Chango (including Facebook), TransContinental and MediaMax networks, the Globe and Mail and Google and Bing/Yahoo Paid SearchThe campaign generated the following results:
Impressions:    45,519,550
Clicks:             182,457
Overall CTR:   0.40%
Leads:              2,208 conversions (includes trip planner requests, special offer requests, brochure requests, newsletter sign-ups and vacation and wedding guide downloads).

Overall, website engagement generated from the campaign was positive with time spent and average pages on par with overall TTNA site traffic.

2014 Print Advertising Campaign
Our annual print awareness campaign for 2014 included full-page insertions in targeted luxury lifestyle magazines including Los Angeles Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine, Robb Report, Islands, Wall Street Journal Magazine and AFAR. Additionally, our honeymoon and wedding print campaign included full-page insertions in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, C Weddings, California Brides, Brides and Town & Country Weddings.

2014 Promotions Recap


This was one of the busier quarters for Promotions. TTNA attended several Travel & Adventure shows, which hosted tens of thousands of potential travelers.  We learned at our first show in Chicago that it would be beneficial to have a Certified Tahiti Specialist ® (CTS) in the booth, as attendees are ready to book on the spot. We were able to have a CTS in San Diego and were able to close on quite a few trips for consumers.

Also, in Q1 we implemented our newly formatted travel agent training program.  The new format brought together preferred retail travel agents who were hand selected by our participating Tour Operator Partners.  The receptions gave this exclusive group the opportunity to network with the participating suppliers and to receive a revamped destination overview that focused on all five archipelagoes and offered activities throughout the islands. In Q1 we trained 277 preferred travel agents on the Islands of Tahiti.

Events and Receptions this quarter included:
January 11 & 12: Travel & Adventure Show – Chicago, IL
February 8 & 9: Travel & Adventure Show – Los Angeles, CA
February 11: Tahiti Reception – Los Angeles, CA
February 12: Tahiti Reception – Walnut Creek, CA
February 13: Tahiti Reception – Sacramento, CA
February 19 & 20: GMITE – Los Angeles, CA
March 2 & 3: NY Times Travel Show – New York, NY
March 5: Tahiti Reception – Long Island, NY
March 6: Tahiti Reception – Washington D.C.
March 7: Tahiti Reception – Boston, MA
March 10: Wedding Salon – Los Angeles, CA
March 29 & 30: Travel and Adventure Show – San Diego, CA

Tahiti Tourism North America hosted the Tahiti Business Forum in Manhattan Beach.  The forum was last held in 2008 and was designed to gather key Tahiti partners from across North America and the Islands of Tahiti, to promote synergy and work together for the benefit of the destination. During this event Tahiti Tourisme launched the new global brand to our partners and media.  The event also fostered an atmosphere of collaboration to facilitate a constructive review and evaluation of TTNA programs.   Many speakers joined the event including a panel of Certified Tahiti Specialists and various media professionals to give their input on opportunities and challenges within the market.

Q2 saw many more of the newly launched Tahiti Receptions which have proven to be an effective model. TTNA was able to train 311 preferred travel agents during this period.

Events and Receptions in this quarter included:
April 1: Tahiti Reception – San Diego, CA
April 2: Tahiti Reception – Costa Mesa, CA
April 3:  Tahiti Reception – West Lake, CA
May 13: Tahiti Reception – Bellevue, WA
May 14: Tahiti Reception – Denver, CO
May 15: Tahiti Reception – Salt Lake City, UT
June 3-5: Incentive Travel Exchange – Las Vegas, NV
June 7 & 8: Scuba Show – Long Beach, CA
June 18 & 19: Tahiti Business Forum – Manhattan Beach, CA

In Q3 Tahiti Tourisme attended Virtuoso Travel week for the first time.  More than 4,400 travel industry professionals came from over 92 countries.  TTNA met with more than 500 North American Virtuoso Travel Advisors  and attended meetings with the alliances, marketing and professional development departments within Virtuoso to learn about additional opportunities available to us as members.   We look forward to participating again in 2015 and hosting a Tahiti event with all the Virtuoso partners.

During Q3, we continued to host Tahiti Receptions across North America and also focused on the Canadian market and successfully trained over 300 travel agents

Events and Receptions in the quarter included:
August 10: Virtuoso Travel Week – Las Vegas, NV
August 25: Tahiti Reception – Quebec, Canada
August 26: Tahiti Reception – Toronto, Canada
August 27: Tahiti Reception – Edmonton, Canada
August 28: Tahiti Reception – Vancouver, Canada
September 23: Tahiti Reception – Chicago, IL
September 24: Tahiti Reception – Minneapolis, MN
September 25: Tahiti Reception – Scottsdale, AZ

Q4 was the busiest quarter for shows, events  and receptions. Tahiti Tourisme North American participated in the IMEX convention in Las Vegas, which concluded with positive results with the partners and an increased interest in the destination.  This underscored that we are making headway in the incentive market and will participate again in 2015.

We also hosted the 10th Annual Tahiti Travel Exchange in Tahiti with 120 participating agents.  The agents were able to engage with 10 of our participating Tour Operators and there were 27 partners from all segments of industry supporting the event as well as three cultural speakers who presented crafts, monoi and vanilla.

The Tahiti Receptions new format was quite successful, receiving positive feedback.  The last quarter saw a slightly lower number than expected with 120 guests, but the quality of the agents far surpassed the numbers.  Overall, the receptions hosted 826 travel agents.

Events and Receptions included:
October 9-13: Montrose Travel Annual Conference – Denver, CO
October 12: The Wedding Salon – Chicago, IL
October 14: IMEX – Las Vegas, NV
October 24-26: Salon International Tourisme Voyages – Dallas, TX
October 25-16:  Travel & Adventure Travel Show – Dallas, TX
October 28: Tahiti Reception – Boca Raton, FL
October 29: Tahiti Reception – Atlanta, GA
October 30: Tahiti Reception – Dallas, TX
November 6-8: Signature Travel – Las Vegas, NV
November 9: Gay & Lesbian Wedding Expo – Los Angeles, CA
November 14 & 15: Cruise Planners – Atlantic City, NJ
November 17: Wedding Expo – New York, NY
November 18: MAST – Oakbrook, IL
November 19 & 22: DEMA – Las Vegas, NV
December 5: Tahiti Travel Exchange – Papeete, Tahiti
December 9-11: Luxury Travel Exchange – Las Vegas

2014 Public Relations Recap

2014 was a banner year of collaboration among all partners that assist in making editorial media and coverage of the islands possible. More than 100 media and production crew visitors traveled to the islands from all forms of media including film, television, print, online and social channels, all helping us tell the story of the Islands of Tahiti. Highlights include The Bachelor Canada, ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, cover shoots for US Weekly, Islands magazine and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons; and top media covering key events including Hawaiki Nui Va’a, Billabong Pro, Monoi Week and Bora Bora Liquid Fest.  Print and online coverage is estimated to be more than 11 billon impressions with the potential media value exceeding $45 million. We look forward another great year welcoming exciting projects to the islands and to continue to share their culture, beauty and history.

Click here to see 2014 coverage highlights.

2014 Social Media Recap

Social media has proven to be an effective way to promote our brand story and connect with our target market.  With social media becoming a staple in our target markets media mix and a source for travel inspiration, Tahiti Tourisme North America’s social media accounts saw unprecedented growth throughout the year. Listed below are a few key tactics and observations from 2014:

Utilized Integrated Approach
Using an integrated approach, our social media activity has developed into a robust program that serves as the hub for all of our marketing efforts.

•Our paid Facebook media supports and enhances our reach and engagement levels

•The accolades and press coverage our PR initiatives garner drive the most engagement

Connected with Qualified Users
By utilizing our sophisticated, yet approachable, tone of voice and by highlighting our brand pillars, our follower profiles and engagement results prove that we are attracting and communicating with qualified consumers.

Showcased Greatest Asset
Utilizing imagery throughout all of our social media platforms has proven to be the most effective form of communication. The images that result in the strongest engagement:
• Bold and powerful colors, specifically highlighting the many blues of the lagoons
• Aerial or overwater bungalow shots that show the lagoon & ocean, not land or hotel

Featured Third-Party Endorsed Timely Content
On all social platforms, accolades or awards from trusted travel sources, publications or influencers, always provide the best engagement. Our target also resonates with timely content and communications that ask a question.

The Tahiti Tourisme North America Facebook account grew more in 2014 than we have ever seen in previous years. More than doubling our amount of likes over the year, the account grew more than four times that of 2013. A large portion of our growth can be attributed to the enhancement of Facebook’s page suggestion feature, which targeted those who showed interest in a like-minded brand and therefore are more qualified users.
There is an interesting correlation between our spike in likes and our spike in reach and engagement. Following the spike in our likes during the summer is heighten engagement in the Fall and Winter. Thus, indicating that we established a connection with these new followers. Additionally, our spike in reach in Q4 can be attributed to our robust paid efforts and this added exposure also resulted in higher levels of engagement. In sum, the combination of the page suggestions feature and our highly targeted paid efforts resulted in engagement with qualified users.
An additional metric that supports the claim of us engaging with the right audience can be found in our follower demographics. Majority of our fans are ages 25-54 and those who are engaging with our brand are ages 35-64, with those aged 45-64 engaging at the highest rate.

As a textual based site, Twitter is not our strongest platform but is a necessary space to be. The content our followers resonate most with on this platform is awards and accolades from influencers and trusted travel sources. The promotion of these coupled with beautiful imagery resulted in the strongest engagement. Tagging influencers in our posts and using hashtags also enhanced engagement levels and reach.
Our followers on Twitter are very similar to that of Facebook – US based from California and New York. We can be confident that we are reaching the right people based on their common interest and passion for travel that is indicated in the other brands they follow on the platform.

Having recently introduced analytics to the platform, it is difficult to analyze metrics due to inconsistencies in reporting as they tweak their algorithms. However, what is interesting to note about the Pinterest engagement is the heighten interest in content that showcases the Islands of Tahiti’s authentic culture. Similar to our other networks, our followers on this platform are from the US and are more likely to be from California and New York.

The Tahiti Tourisme North America Instagram account really took off this year. With Instagram becoming a major player in social media, this is the perfect platform to showcase the beauty of the Islands. Our success was evident in winning the Travel+Leisure SMITTY Award for best use of Instagram due to receiving a lot of likes and showcasing our destination without using any popular filters.

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