Special Update – October Visitor Arrivals

Ia ora na Tahiti Travel Partners!

We are very excited to announce that the Institute of Statistics of French Polynesia (ISPF) has released the arrival numbers for October 2014.

For the month of October, North Americans accounted for 35% of all Tahiti visitors. Total North American arrivals for the month of October 2014 alone were 6,539, a 47% increase or 2,095 more visitors than October 2013.

Overall, North Americans account for 39% of all Tahiti visitors so far for the first ten months of this year.

Total “paid room nights” continue to increase with 33,883 paid room nights in October, an 11% increase or 3,361 more “paid room nights” compared to October 2013.

October increased cruise capacity by 217% or 2,064 more passengers than October 2013. The total count for October 2014 Cruise arrivals was 3,014 passengers.

Land arrivals excluding VFR (visiting friends and relatives) for the same month were 3,418 passengers total, a 2% increase or 63 more passengers as compared to October 2013.

Below is a chart highlighting “visitor arrivals”, “cruise arrivals” and “paid room nights” for the first ten months of the year from 2007 through 2014.


The United States delivered 50,942 visitors, while Canada delivered 7,630 visitors, for a total of 58,572 visitors to date. The total “paid room nights” so far for 2014 has surpassed 2013 numbers with 358,217 “paid room nights,” an increase of 12% or an additional 38,631 “paid room nights.” Cruise arrival totals for 2014 have surpassed 2013 year-end totals by 28% or 4,342 more passengers, for a total of 19,962 passengers.

Tahiti Tourisme North America would like to thank and congratulate all of our partners for these encouraging results. The increase of arrivals illustrates synergy among our Tahiti partners and the overall interest in the Islands of Tahiti from North America.

Mauruuru roa,

Tahiti Tourisme North America

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