Manava Suite Resort Tahiti: Welcomes Chef Patrick Mariot at Vaitohi Restaurant

Delicious news at the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti :  with the arrival of  talented chef Patrick Mariot, the Vaitohi restaurant becomes an absolute must for gourmets. And it is quite naturally that Tahiti’s most recent resort teams up with a prestigious young chef, to blow the winds of change on local gastronomy.

Vaitohi’s new menu offers a choice of eight starters, four fish courses and four meat courses, as well as five mouthwatering desserts. Combining French gastronomical tradition and local Polynesian products, Patrick Mariot’s cuisine will delight anyone who likes time-honored classics revisited with a sense of invention.

Such as this refreshing mint-infused green pea vichyssoise, flavored with Tahitian vanilla oil and topped with mascarpone foam. Or the mahi-mahi supreme with red pepper spaghetti and garlic cream, or perhaps the lime and vanilla-flavored foie gras. The chef also proposes korori, the pearl oyster in a delicate carpaccio, one of Tahitian cuisine’s best-kept secrets.

Multiple experiences with starred chefs, from the Basque country to Andorra, have left the undeniable imprint of the French Southwest on Patrick Mariot’s cuisine. He likes to work with foie gras, porcini mushrooms, and fillet of duck breast, all featured on the menu. The fragrance and the strength of his native region radiate from his piperade, served with slices of Noir de Bigorre ham.

The dessert menu also is a mix of two traditions. The lime mousse meets fresh raspberries, island fruit swing with Grand Marnier and soursop sherbet, the chocolate lava cake cools off with Tahitian vanilla ice cream.

Patrick Mariot is not just a great cook, trained with famous chefs such as Ferran Adria, the guru of molecular gastronomy. He’s also an executive chef, graduate of the University of Toulouse and capable of designing and implementing all the restaurant services of a resort. His restaurant is also the only one in Tahiti serving quality cuisine until midnight. He is a great new asset to the Manava, for his guests’ greatest pleasure !

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