Partner Update February 2015- Advertising

The Q1/Q2 2015 Tahiti  North America digital advertising campaign launched on January 14 and will run through April 15 targeting both the U.S. and Canada with an approximate total spend of $350k USD. As with previous awareness campaigns, our primary objectives are to increase brand awareness by driving qualified traffic to the website as well as educate these consumers to the point of conversion once they are on the website. Our strategy is to utilize top performers and placements from previous campaigns that can reach the affluent and honeymoon audience where they spend time online as well as test new and relevant partners and placements in an effort to continue to learn our consumer’s behaviors and the marketplace.

In the U.S., digital campaign placements are running across multiple partner sites and networks including TripAdvisorAdRoll, AOL, Google, Facebook, ChoiceStream, Luxury Link, Trip Advisor, and The Knot with paid search on both Google and Bing/Yahoo networks. Our partners in Canada include TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Google Paid Search and MediaMax network.

Additionally, we have developed a key content partnership with the Huffington Post/AOL for this campaign. A sponsored content “listicle” written by the Huffington Post (with TTNA input) touts the many ways that Tahiti is, in fact, true paradise and heaven on earth. This launched in the Huffington Post Travel section and will appear as “native” content to the consumer facilitating increased brand engagement and education.

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