Partner Update February 2015- Promotions

Despite the chilly weather in Chicago, the Travel & Adventure Show was very well attended by local consumers looking for warm destinations. The show was very busy for the Tahiti Tourisme with a surge after our destination presentation given by Tekura Kelley in the destination theatre on the tradeshow floor. We were joined by CPTM Aranui and Certified Tahiti Specialist®, Chole Cipollone of Tahiti Travel Planers. Final attendance numbers for this are not yet available

The New York Times Travel Show was held just before one of the biggest snowstorms in history was about to blow through the city, so attendees had warm weather on their mind! Attendees steadily flocked to the Tahiti Tourisme booth for travel information to our sunny spot in the South Pacific. We were joined by Air Tahiti Nui, CPTM Aranui, Pacific Holidays, and two Certified Tahiti Specialist® – Sharon Gordon of Let’s Go Travel and Lisa Mazzillo of Power Travel. Additionally, since it was a consumer show many Tour Operator Partners provided flyers with package to the Islands of Tahiti from the greater NY area. Final attendance numbers for this are not yet available.

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