wedOtahiti: Tahiti’s First Life-Cycle Wedding Celebrant

Celebrancy became an establish institution in the 1970’s in Australia and New Zealand. Since then, the Celebrant movement has picked up steam worldwide, particularly in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

PEW studies reveal that a growing number of people aren’t connected to a specific religion and many are not religious at all, yet they still consider themselves spiritual. Life-Cycle Celebrants® provide an alternative way for these people, as well as for interfaith or multicultural couples, and of course same- sex couples, to blend their family traditions and faiths through highly customized ceremony.

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute believes that “affirming life’s milestones through customized, thoughtful ceremony strengthens the bonds of families, partnerships and communities and deepens the human connection across generations”.

Quote: “It was really exciting to extensively practice ceremony writing and public speaking, learning how to powerfully integrate personal story and history into each ceremony and ritual.” said Grange. “With years of experience in event planning in the Islands of Tahiti, I have identified a need for simple yet meaningful ceremonies for couples not willing to have a traditional Tahitian ceremony, and all the fanfare that goes with it… I therefore decided that I will be the very first (and only) professional Western wedding celebrant in the Islands of Tahiti.”

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